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Our mission is to ensure that all children, birth through high school, with hearing loss are promptly identified, evaluated, and provided with appropriate intervention services and academic support.  RCEC’s audiologist serves children in ten school districts in two counties.


Audiology services:

·         Hearing screening and comprehensive audiological evaluations for school-age children

·         At-risk pre-school screening and newborn hearing screening follow-up

·         Evaluate and make recommendations for the use of hearing aids, FM systems, and other hearing assistive technology

·         Provide teachers and support personnel with hearing aid and assistive listening device training and support

·         Early intervention services

·         Provide training about hearing, hearing loss, the educational impact of hearing loss, hearing assistive technology and intervention strategies in the classroom

·         Measure classroom noise and make recommendations for improving the classroom listening environment

·         Assist in program placement decisions and make specific recommendations to address listening and communication needs.

·         Educate students, teach, and parents about the impact of noise exposure and hearing loss

·         Make recommendations for daily living assistive technology (television, telephone, alarm clock, doorbell, etc alerting and convenience devices)